Our team


Co-founder & CEO

MSc. 16 years’ experience in optical design and engineering in photonics and nano-fabrication technologies. 10 years’ experience in nano-imprint process.


Co-founder & Scientific advisor

Ph.D. 18 years’ experience in spectroscopy of nano-structures for photonics devices (III-V and IV-IV), quantum optics, clean-room facilities and nano-, micro-fabrication.


Co-founder & Scientific advisor

Ph.D. 28 years’ experience in Sol-Gel material processing and spectroscopic ellipsometry. Awarded by the International Sol-gel Society (ISGS) and by the French Society of Chemistry (SFC). Member of the French Institute of University (junior and senior).

Mehrnaz Bochet-modaresialam

NIL process engineer

Ph.D 5 years' experience in Sol-Gel Chemistry and Nano-imprint of metal oxides.

Mohammed Bouabdellaoui

Nanofabrication and Photonics Engineer

Ph.D 6 years' experience in clean-room facilities and characterisation of nanostructures.

Anthony Gourdin

Nanofabrication and Photonics Engineer

Ph.D  4 years' experience in photonics design and nano-fabrications.

Sorin-Mircea Delegeanu

Laboratory Technician

Student in chemistry.