Titania (sol-gel) resin with RI up to 2.7

Flat optical nanostructured interfaces, also dubbed Optical Metasurfaces, combine the response of nano-objects organised in large arrays having subwavelength periodicity.,They  permit to engineer phase, amplitude and polarization of the light in an unmatched way and thanks to their small footprint allow to miniaturize complex optical functions. As such, they are today the subject of intense scientific and technological research efforts.

The performances of these components and their industrial deployment are intrinsically related to the nano-patterning of the material and its optical properties. Thanks to our expertise in Sol-Gel chemistry and material processing, we developed originals ink very high refractive materials (up to 2.7 at visible frequency) compatible with nanoimprinting for the low-cost production of optical metasurfaces.

*Images : examples of TiO2 arrays of nanopillars and gratings.